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Frequently asked questions

Q: My property has many slopes and uneven spots. Is fencing possible for my yard without leaving huge gaps under the fence?

A: Yes. Woodward Fence offers many possibilities for properties of this type. Several options may be available depending on your particular property. Fence sections are usually stepped, racked, or built on-site to conform to your property.


Q: Why are my fence posts cracking or splitting?

A: Actually, the fence posts are neither cracking nor splitting, but are rather undergoing a process known as "checking," which results from the natural seasoning (drying out) of any piece of lumber, but particularly noticeable in any full round piece of lumber. When a full round piece of lumber dries, the exterior surface (sapwood) shrinks faster than the inner (heartwood) heart of the piece, and something has to give. The result is the familiar "check" which is technically neither a split nor a crack. Laboratory and field tests tend to prove that the natural checking of full round materials does not materially affect the strength of that item.


Q: Why does my wood fence lean after a while?

A: Because it wasn't installed by Woodward Fence!


Q: What are the reasons for choosing vinyl fencing?

A: While the initial investment may be greater for a vinyl fence than for a wood fence, there is zero maintenance with a vinyl fence, making it more cost effective and easier for you in the long run. Our vinyl fences are incredibly durable and stable, offering you a long, useful life.


Q: Do I have to choose a fence style from a catalog?

A: You can choose from different fence styles in our catalogs. Woodward Fence & Supply also creates Custom Made Fences that fit the customer's needs and specifications.

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